USPS Announces Postage Increase to Go Into Effect January 22, 2012

Decision to increase first class stamp by one cent marks the first postage increase to first class stamps in over two and a half years

Starting on January 22, 2012 consumers will have to pay a penny more to mail first class letters in the United States. Postmaster General Patrick Donahue stated the decision to increase postage rates was due to the current financial crisis faced by the postal service and is just one step the postal service is using to “return to sound financial footing.” The price of one single-piece First Class stamp will increase one cent to 45 cents.

The price increase is quite small and does not affect other mailing services such as Express and Priority mailing services. The postal increase affects all post office locations as well as licensed USPS vendors such as

Pam Gobiel, owner of says about the increase, “The slight increase will have minimal impact on consumers and my business. It could have been much greater, and is the first increase in well over two years.” is an approved USPS vendor that sells custom stamps, photo stamps, personalized stamps, and even custom wedding stamps. Gobiel says about the site, “We’re excited to offer over a million designs, in every category people could want to express themselves. When sending birthday cards, holiday greetings or party invitations, it’s a great way to let the recipient know that something fun is awaiting them inside the envelope. For everyday mailings, it’s a unique way to express your love for animals, music, hobbies, or even popular cartoon characters. Custom stamps also make a unique and useful gift for friends and family. We currently have stamps available with the new 2012 rates.”

The website is one of the largest on the internet dedicated to providing personalized stamps to individuals, organizations, and collectors. The site allows customers to shop from over 70 categories including weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, special causes, sports, graduation, pets, and more. People can also go onto the site and create their own custom stamps by uploading a photo and message.

In addition to offering custom stamps, the site has a convenient 2012 postage rate chart with the new updated rates as well as helpful mailing tips for customers.

About is owned and operated by Pam Gobiel, and offers over one million designs. The site was created so customers and collectors could have one website to go to when ordering postage. Stamps can be customized with personal photos and messages and conveniently ordered online without a trip to the post office. is an approved licensed vendor of USPS customized PC postage.


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